All Implemented Interfaces:
Filtered<LogEntry>, Closeable, Flushable, Operation, Startable, Stoppable, Named, Log, AutoCloseable

public class ConsoleLog extends BaseTextLog
A text log that logs to the console. The formatter can be specified from the command line as "formatter=columnar" or "formatter=unformatted". See LogServiceLogger for details.
jonathanl (shibo)
See Also:
BaseTextLog, LogServiceLogger
  • Constructor Details

    • ConsoleLog

      public ConsoleLog()
  • Method Details

    • configure

      public void configure(Map<String,​String> properties)
      Description copied from interface: Log
      Configures the log
      properties - A property map specific to the type of log
    • flush

      public void flush(Duration maximumWaitTime)
      Description copied from interface: Flushable
      Flushes the object waiting not more than the give duration for this to occur.
      Specified by:
      flush in interface Flushable
      flush in class BaseLog
      maximumWaitTime - The amount of time to wait before giving up on flushing. To achieve a blocking flush, simply pass in Duration.MAXIMUM as the wait time, or call Flushable.flush().
    • name

      public String name()
      Specified by:
      name in interface Named
      name in class BaseLog
      The name of this object
    • onLog

      public void onLog(LogEntry entry)